The New Year’s Resolution that changed my life

We are now a little more than one week into the New Year. As with most bloggers I felt that a post about New Year’s Resolutions was called for. New Year’s resolutions sometimes get a bad rap, but please hear my plea for why this is the time to empower yourself and take control of your own health.

It is exactly one year since I made a resolution to get serious about addressing my health through some fairly dramatic diet changes. This year has been a journey full of ups and definitely downs; I never knew that I had such an emotional attachment to certain foods! My health certainly has improved and I have avoided starting any of the medications that I dreaded I would need. But, in some ways the improvements in my physical health have been secondary to the gains I’ve made in mental and spiritual health.

For me food has been a gateway towards better health but also into a whole new healthier outlook and life. When I dove into this world full of people looking to improve their health with food I was also introduced to all sorts of ideas and practices that have had a positive impact on my life. I now practice yoga (almost) daily, I meditate and I have a whole toolbox that I use to better manage my stress. My anxiety and worry have dissipated and when I feel them peaking their ugly heads out I feel confident in my ability to re-shape their hurtful narrative.

The changes have permeated into all aspects of my life. My relationships with others have improved as I have less of the social anxiety that used to whisper in my ear about being judged or not liked. I have attended professional development conferences based on a new interest in mindfulness and the principles of functional medicine and have started a new job where I get to apply these practices with my own patients.

That resolution I made last year was the best I have every made. It has been so great because of all the surprising ways that this change has improved my life. As I continue with my journey now in this new year (because as I have learned there is no point at which you have arrived) I wish you all the very best with your resolutions and encourage you to keep them because you never know where they might lead you. To your good health!