Sticking to a healthy eating plan while on the road

Through the weekend, we are hitting the road for some production fun!  Thursday morning, my husband/sound guy/producer and I are traveling from Portland to the Oregon coast to do two screenings of our last documentary, Time As Money.  Then, we’ll be heading through the mountains to Bend in Central Oregon to check in with one of our participants of Food As Medicine to see how she’s doing with her diet changes.

Screen shot 2015-06-17 at 5.12.25 PM

516 miles of road and 3 nights away from a homebase kitchen can give anyone with a restrictive diet due to health reasons a large dose of anxiety!  Luckily, I grew up in a household where we always packed our lunches for school or meals for vacation, which got me in the motion of always planning ahead.  Unfortunately, when I was younger, it usually involved bologna sandwiches, Cheetos, cookies, and everything else that helped bring me to a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease in 2000.  Even though my lunchbox has changed dramatically, I still plan ahead for what to eat when I’m away from home.

So, my plan of attack to stick to my diet (of which excludes grains, corn, potatoes, soy, sugar, and most dairy) while spanning the Oregon state this weekend is to start with a car full of premade and prepackaged snacks.  The food load may rival our production equipment for space in the car, but the comfort of knowing we aren’t at the mercy of a truck stop convenience store when hunger sets in is worth forfeiting some leg room.


If you’re interested in what I made for road trip snack ideas of your own, you can check out these recipes for gluten-free sweet carrot muffins, garlic and rosemary cocktail nuts, and plantain crackers.

I’ll share what the food culture is like on the open Oregon road when we get back!



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