Dr. Terry Wahls: her story and her research

I was first introduced to Terry Wahls MD‘s work through Jenny, my friend and Food As Medicine collaborator. “For a truly inspiring ‘food as medicine’ story,” she told me, “you have got to check out her book, The Wahls Protocol.”

In the book, Dr. Wahls shares her story of her own journey that began in a zero gravity wheelchair with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. Through the use of her Wahls Protocol, within a year’s time, she was able to walk through her hospital without a cane and even ride a bicycle.


The Wahls Protocol was not only an inspiring read, but it was also very informative. Dr. Wahls discussion of diet was different than most that I had read about. The focus is mostly on using nutrient-dense food to maximize your health outcome. Even though I am not dealing with MS, her book taught me to look at optimizing my health rather than focus on treating my chronic disease.


Through my journey of making this documentary, I met one of the doctor’s Wahls Warriors, Beth Schultz of the blog, Real Food Inspired Me. Beth’s journey of healing involved years of dealing with MS and Lyme Disease before finding the Wahls Protocol. Now, Beth is singing victories in gaining back her life from the mountaintops as she continues on her journey armed with the practices of Dr. Wahls.


Next week, we are traveling to Iowa to meet Dr. Wahls and interview her about her story and her research. We will also be attending her Wahls Seminar. Join us on Facebook and Instagram for photos and updates about the journey to Iowa.


What if we got prescriptions for food?

I’ve heard about these programs before but was excited to come across this article from the New York Times blog that describes it so well. The program provides a prescription to participants for fruits and vegetables, mostly to be bought from local farmer’s markets. The farmers are reimbursed by the program at full price. Everybody wins, people who lack access to fruits and vegetables get the chance to eat more of them and farmers sell more produce to those in their community. Obviously many of our nation’s health issues are complicated but it seems that programs such as this one that are innovative, creative and bring multiple groups together is a step in the right direction. There seem to be so many depressing articles about the state of our nation’s health. I always get excited when I find these stories about people working together to strengthen community and to actually address some of our problems!