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Healing is a journey.  As you get ready to embark on your way to better health, you arm yourself with as much information as you can and stock up on food staples that will nourish you.  When you begin down the path, the adventures are full of new discoveries and beautiful scenery.  But, things are not easy on this trail.  You might experience a setback when you realized you went down the wrong route and you have to start over.  Or, the process might take longer than you expected.  Hopefully, you meet many others on the way who are also taking this journey that will give you support.  This journey to heal will change you.

The process of making a documentary is another kind of journey.  We have met some amazing people along the way who are healing themselves and working to heal their communities.  We have put together a team to carry the message over the distance.  At this point in our process, we need your support to get us there.

Please support us on Kickstarter, if you can!  You can also help us by sharing the campaign with your friends.  You can even share it with your doctor!  Thank you for all of your continued support!



Dr. Terry Wahls: her story and her research

I was first introduced to Terry Wahls MD‘s work through Jenny, my friend and Food As Medicine collaborator. “For a truly inspiring ‘food as medicine’ story,” she told me, “you have got to check out her book, The Wahls Protocol.”

In the book, Dr. Wahls shares her story of her own journey that began in a zero gravity wheelchair with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. Through the use of her Wahls Protocol, within a year’s time, she was able to walk through her hospital without a cane and even ride a bicycle.


The Wahls Protocol was not only an inspiring read, but it was also very informative. Dr. Wahls discussion of diet was different than most that I had read about. The focus is mostly on using nutrient-dense food to maximize your health outcome. Even though I am not dealing with MS, her book taught me to look at optimizing my health rather than focus on treating my chronic disease.


Through my journey of making this documentary, I met one of the doctor’s Wahls Warriors, Beth Schultz of the blog, Real Food Inspired Me. Beth’s journey of healing involved years of dealing with MS and Lyme Disease before finding the Wahls Protocol. Now, Beth is singing victories in gaining back her life from the mountaintops as she continues on her journey armed with the practices of Dr. Wahls.


Next week, we are traveling to Iowa to meet Dr. Wahls and interview her about her story and her research. We will also be attending her Wahls Seminar. Join us on Facebook and Instagram for photos and updates about the journey to Iowa.

Embarking on a Food Journey

Last week we were excited for the chance to meet Mickey Trescott (photographer, chef, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and blogger extraordinaire). She is author of the blog Autoimmune Paleo and also of the recently released book of the same title. She has an incredible story of self-healing through diet. I highly recommend checking out her blog for that story as well as some of her delicious recipes.


We had some great conversation, which not surprisingly focused around diet and health. One point that we discussed was the question of whether our film would focus on a particular diet as the path towards good health. This is an interesting question as there are so many particular protocols and diets available with various health claims. What you will notice when you read any person’s health story is that they didn’t just identify some magic diet, follow it to the tee and then suddenly they were cured. Each person who has really truly healed themselves has had to go on a journey. There wasn’t a magical answer. Looking at Mickey, myself and others who have healed through diet it has been a process of elimination and addition that never looks identical. The journey is also full of the frustrations of two steps forward and one step back, it is rarely a linear process.

So, in answer to Mickey’s question, no, we won’t be preaching the power of any particular diet. We will be encouraging  people to view diet as a means to heal and to embark on their own journey. The journey with diet is almost as much about empowering yourself as it is about the actual food. I believe that to passively follow a diet without tuning in to your own body or realizing the power you have to heal yourself would be missing the point.


That being said in my research of various healing protocols I do notice many similar themes. All of the diets encourage the elimination of processed foods and refined sugars while emphasizing the importance of eating whole foods dense in nutrients and sourced from quality producers. Many of the protocols also emphasize practices such as fermentation and sprouting for easier digestion and access to nutrients. The word diet often has negative connotations in our society but these diets are about more than simply changing what you feed yourself, it’s about a whole lifestyle. There are many interesting approaches out there, and I encourage you to do some research as a first step on your own food journey. I also encourage you to be skeptical of any diet that bills itself as one size fits all magic bullet solution for all your problems. See my list below for some helpful websites.

The Autoimmune Protocol

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet

The Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) diet

The Wahls Protocol

Raw food diet

Ketogenic Diet

Weston A. Price

Vegan and Vegetarian